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Boy, I know you're lying.

that's just my battle scar.

cydi cydonia
hey there. pleasure to meet you.
my name isn't really cydonia, but you can call me that. my real name is far too lame to be sharing online. i live in australia, and for those familiar with the land down under, i'm on the most boring side of all (west). as far as age goes, i'm australia-legal, but not yet drinking-in-america-legal. i have a lot of favourite things, which change frequently. at the moment my obsessions include fullmetal alchemist, my boyfriend, dragon age: origins, maes hughes, jennifer jareau and procrastination. never believe me when i promise a series of fic, i usually forget or get distracted by shiny things. i currently attend university to become a teacher, so my time to do things i enjoy is severely limited. anyway, hit me up if you'd like to learn more. i'm always up for a friendly chat. ♥

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